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Our hammered wedding rings are made in our Parisian workshop by our jewelers and creators of exceptional jewelry from the LEGION House.

It is in the heart of the 1st district of the capital, near the prestigious Place Vendôme, rue du Marché Saint Honoré, that we manufacture from A to Z the jewels presented in our workshop.

From metal casting and sculpting to shaping and finishing, it is our passion and know-how that allow us to create original and unique creations, notably a collection of hammered rings and wedding bands among a wide choice of other rings for men or women, diamond-set wedding bands, black gold wedding bands, original engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and more generally any piece of jewelry

The choice of precious metal, an unconditional requirement for an exceptional hammered wedding ring!

While all jewelry choices are often a matter of preference or love, the choice of an engagement ring or wedding band is part of a different dynamic that requires that the meaning and values conveyed by the jewelry become the priority.

The precious metal from which a wedding ring is made is above all a matter of sensitivity and the search for a symbolism specific to each couple according to their personality, their background and everything that their union means.

To bring this unique, precious and rare character, the choice of the metal which will give birth to your wedding ring is a very important criterion if you want to carry high the values of your marriage. It is advisable to choose a precious metal such as 18 carat gold, silver or platinum which is representative of what marriage is: a lasting commitment, a promise to eternity, solidity in the face of life's trials...

So many characteristics that find a particular resonance when you choose a noble material for your wedding rings. Nothing is more emblematic than 925/1000 silver, red gold, black gold or white gold jewelry to give life to a wedding ring rich in meaning to display daily this attachment and promise to each other.

LEGION Paris has chosen to create hammered and set wedding rings with a rough finish, worked in various ways but always by hand with precision jewelry tools, using precious metals and fine stones with strong symbolic value.

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Why choose a hammered wedding ring?

Beyond the raw character of the metal used to give life to a hammered wedding ring, it is the great malleability of the material and the artisanal work that we use to implement in each of our original creations that make all the exclusivity and uniqueness of our models.

With a wedding ring for men or a hammered wedding ring for women, you can be sure to wear a unique piece of jewelry on your finger that is a perfect reflection of your union: exceptional, rare and irreplaceable!

When you choose to seal your marriage for eternity with LEGION Paris' hammered wedding rings, you are wearing a ring with multiple facets that our jeweler's hammer has struck to give it its shape and character.

In fine, when you choose one of the models of our collection of jewels and wedding rings hammered or that you entrust us the exclusive creation custom jewelry, you have the certainty to raise a jewel without other equivalent since it is impossible to reproduce in a craft way a blow of hammer and a jewel which tells a history.

Each operation of brushing, hammering and polishing of your wedding rings responds to the sensitivity of the creators of the LEGION House. A set of techniques and know-how that will give your wedding rings the warmth and density that you are looking for in a jewel as promising as thehammered wedding ring.

The hammered wedding ring, a wedding ring for her and him!

Far from the rhinestones and glitter, the hammered wedding ring is resolutely more rustic, more raw and more personal than the traditional polished and shiny wedding rings or the rings set with precious stones.

This raw look of thehammered wedding band gives it a very masculine and minimal look that may seem easier to wear on a man's ring finger. However, it is this unpredictability, strong personality and unique shape that makes the hammered wedding band the perfect partner for the man and woman in marriage.

Opting for a hammered wedding band from LEGION, even though it is possible to set gems such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, topaz or other opals and crystals, is to make the choice of difference and uniqueness.

A unique wedding ring because its handcrafted manufacture does not allow its reproduction to the millimeter and allows you to wear daily a hammered wedding ring that you are the only one to own.

Why choose LEGION to choose your hammered wedding ring?

When you enter the world of LEGION Paris, in our boutique workshop in the heart of the capital, you will realize that your future wedding jewel will be entirely handcrafted on site using ancestral and traditional techniques used in the world of French jewelry.

Each of our original or personalized creations is provided with a certificate of authenticity proving that all the steps of its 100% French manufacture were carried out within our Parisian workshop by our jewelers.

Casting of precious metals, shaping, hammering, setting, engraving, whether it is an engagement ring, a wedding ring for men, a ring for women, a gold ring, a silver pendant, a signet ring in black gold or silver, a diamond solitaire or any other jewel that comes out of our jewelry workshop in Paris, you are sure to offer or to give you a unique jewel that has come to life in the hands of passionate creators and experts in the work of metals and precious stones.

LEGION Paris invites you to come and visit us. We will be happy to show you our collection ofhammered wedding rings as well as the richness of our know-how to help you make your choice or to imagine the model that best suits the celebration of your union.