The Arsia Mons ring is made of two types of gold: 750/1000 white gold and 750/1000 rose gold. Four baguette diamonds (0.10 carat total) are set in rose gold dominoes. The white gold ring body is square and hammered. These diamonds are recycled from antique jewelry, and no diamonds were extracted for the creation of this ring, in keeping with our eco-responsible approach.

Traditionally handcrafted in our workshop in Paris, France. This ring is a unique piece, we will fit your ring especially for you, please allow 2 weeks for this adjustment.

Ring width: 1.5mm

Width of the dominoes: approx. 4.5 mm

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The term "white gold" refers to 750/1000 white gold, also called 18-carat gold, in which there is a proportion of palladium (13%) making it light grey, almost white. No surface treatment such as rhodium plating is used, the gold is white in the mass and will remain so.

"L'or rose" is 18-carat (750/1000) rose gold. An alloy of gold and copper with a warm, slightly pink hue. No surface treatment such as rhodium plating is used; the gold is pink through and through.

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The engagement ring, before being a piece of jewelry, is an emblematic ring that transcends cultures and eras to symbolize the eternal love and commitment between two people. A delicate and deeply personal choice, the engagement ring embodies the promise of a shared life, a moment when hearts commit themselves even before words are spoken. Among the precious metals and stones chosen to immortalize this commitment, rose gold and diamonds stand out for their beauty and rich meaning. The warm, romantic hue of rose gold adds a touch of modernity, while retaining the essence of traditional engagement rings.

Diamond, the precious stone par excellence, is chosen for its hardness and brilliance, evoking the purity and durability of love through time. Together, gold and diamonds enable our jewelers to create an engagement ring that is a lasting symbol of the union and affection of a couple ready to make a commitment.


Why choose rose gold for your engagement jewelry?

Rose gold has a unique aura that gives it a special place in the world of jewelry, surpassing even the popularity of white, yellow or even black gold in the hearts of many jewelry lovers. Its origins date back to 19th-century Russia, nicknamed "Russian gold" for its innovative use at the time. Since then, a rose gold ring has been an elegant, modern alternative to the traditional solitaire.

Rose gold jewelry has enjoyed a surge in popularity, making it a preferred choice for those looking to purchase a distinctive engagement ring. The finesse and brilliance of rose gold is due to its unique composition, an alloy of pure gold with a touch of copper that gives the ring a warm color and perfect resistance to time. This magnificent ring, with its modern yet timeless look, manages to capture the essence of eternal love while adding a touch of novelty to the couple's declaration.

Rose gold seduces with its ability to sublimate different skin tones, adding a soft, flattering light to the hand that wears it. Choosing a handcrafted rose gold engagement ring means opting for a jewel that surprises not only with its unique color, but also with its timeless character. LEGION Paris offers you the opportunity to make a modern declaration of love, while paying homage to jewelry tradition with rose gold jewelry that perfectly links past, present and future.


Diamonds, a symbol of eternity and robustness for engagement rings

Diamonds occupy a special place among the precious stones used in jewelry, especially when it comes to creating an original ring for women, rich in meaning for the wearer. Selected with absolute rigor for their quality, brilliance and profound meaning, Legion Paris gems embody eternity and indestructible love. Each diamond destined to adorn our Arsia Mons ring is chosen for its ability to reflect light, allowing this veritable work of art to create a dazzling spectacle that captures attention and magnifies every moment. Cutting diamonds set in rose gold is an art mastered by the craftsmen of the LEGION Paris jewelry workshop.

This essential expertise maximizes their brilliance and ensures perfect harmony with the precious metal of rose gold. The baguette diamonds that adorn your future engagement ring are chosen for their linear elegance and their ability to complement the soft aesthetic of rose gold. A ring adorned with diamonds weighing a total of 0.10 carats, precisely set in rose gold, becomes the exceptional premise for the wedding ring, the promise of a life together full of color and brilliance.


What if you chose excellence and exclusivity for your engagement ring?

In addition to the extraordinary creativity involved in handcrafting such a piece of jewelry, LEGION Paris also offers you the opportunity to create fully personalized engagement jewelry to suit your aspirations, or to express your love for your loved one in a more personal way. Although rose gold combined with white diamonds lends an original, timeless dimension to your engagement ring, the wonderful thing about craftsmanship is that it opens up a wide range of possibilities for creating unique jewelry.

Whether you choose precious metals such as white gold, solid silver, platinum, black gold or rose gold, or whether you wish to adorn your engagement rings with precious, semi-precious or fine stones, we suggest that you translate your couple's personality into an equally precious ring. Emerald, sapphire, ruby, tourmaline, opal, topaz, spinel... Nothing is too beautiful to let your love for each other shine through an engagement ring.


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All LEGION Paris jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity and bears the following hallmarks:

- Our master hallmark authenticates the piece of jewelry and its origin. Like a signature, it is made compulsory by the French Customs.

- 925" authenticating the legal title of 925/1000 silver for all silver jewelry.

- An eagle's head for all gold jewelry over 3g authenticating the legal title of the gold 750/1000. It is stamped directly by the French Customs control service.

- A Minerva head for all silver jewelry over 30g authenticates the legal title of the 925/1000 silver. It is hallmarked directly by the French Customs control service.

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