Ouranos is a massive signet ring with a mesmerizing square pietersite set between four large pointed claws. The ring body of this unique piece is hand carved in silver (925/1000).

Width of the ring : 1,4 cm

Traditionally handcrafted in our workshop in Paris, France. This ring is a unique piece, we will resize your ring for you, please allow 3 weeks for this adjustment.

Choose your size below by referring to the size guide in the tabs at the end of the product sheet. For more comfort, we advise you to order a size larger than your usual size because this ring is very massive. If your size does not appear in the proposed sizes, please contact us by email at contact@legionparis.com to consider a made-to-measure project.

The term "Black Silver" refers to 925/1000 silver that has been oxidized to make it dark grey. Black silver will develop a patina, the treatment will fade in places to reveal the natural shine of untreated silver.


The signet ring, a must in a collection of black gold jewelry for men! No matter what metal it is made of, the signet ring brings a special aura to the personality of the wearer.

Often rich in meaning, the signet ring in yellow, white or black gold or the silver signet ring generally has a particular link with its owner. A meaning often emotional, charismatic and sometimes mystical that is only the result of the reflection of the man who wears it on his hand.

LEGION Paris has chosen to make this ring for men stand out in the world of jewelry by offering you unique and original models and also by giving you the possibility of a custom creation for your signet ring.

You just have to come and meet our jewelers to realize how much the precious metals and stones we use are sublimated in the hands of our creators.

It is with passion that we will welcome you in our LEGION Paris workshop and that we will discuss together the question of the choice of the signet ring to your image.

What is a signet ring?

For a long time considered as a sign of power or power that allowed important men, often from the nobility, to show their status, to use it as a seal or to display their social rank, the signet ring is today a jewel still apart, but which has been able to invite itself to the fingers of men as well as women, to display a symbolic or for a simple aesthetic pleasure.

LEGION Paris has taken this historical and formal dimension of the signet ring and created more contemporary and original models and collections of rings that can be worn casually, far from the codes and symbolism of yesteryear.

Silver, white, red or black gold, precious stones set... it is according to the creativity of our jewelers that the signet rings present in our workshop boutique are created. When it is not our customers who entrust us with the realization of their custom signet ring project!

How to choose your signet ring ?

Although the signet ring has moved away from its very masculine and statutory character, a signet ring for men must have character and power while maintaining a refinement and elegance to wear it every day.

For men, a square, rectangular or hexagonal ring, made from a very raw precious metal such as silver or black gold, reinforces this very masculine and rustic dimension.

For a woman, the choice to wear a signet ring must be in keeping with the feminine style, bringing a rich symbolism while maintaining the elegance and refinement that any ring slipped on a woman's fingers can have.

A woman's signet ring adorned with a delicate and discreet gemstone can be the way to combine character and preciousness.

And if you don't find the "ring on your finger" that suits you, why not let yourself be tempted by customization by entrusting your desires to the passionate jewelers of LEGION Paris who will be pleased and honored tocreate the custom signet ring that only you will own?

A signet ring, for both women and men, can take different forms depending on your own sensibility, personality and preferences in terms of jewelry style.

Delicate white gold signet ring, gothic black gold signet ring, black gold wedding band or hammered white gold wedding band or woman's ring, silver man's ring, traditional signet ring or personalized design... everything is possible thanks to the LEGION Paris workshop which offers you a wide variety of unique models or the creation of your signet ring and custom jewelry in Paris

Which jewelry for a signet ring in Paris?

You've scoured the jewelry stores without finding the ring you love! You are looking for an engagement ring that is different! The timelessness of the signet ring matches your personality!

For all these reasons and more, LEGION Paris invites you to come and visit our jewelry boutique located in the heart of the 1st arrondissement, just a stone's throw from Place Vendôme.

In addition to finding a collection of unique jewels handcrafted on site from precious metals, we will present our signet ring models and advise you if the custom-made creation will meet your search for the perfect ring.

To create personalized and unique jewels which take all their meaning in the eyes of our customers is the engine which animates our jewellers daily and this is why we chose to propose you the access to the quality of our craft in the hyper center of Paris.

To make an appointment click here

Download our ringsizer and follow the instructions to determine your finger size.

If you already know your size but want to know the French equivalent, please refer to our international size converter below:

The first sizing, up to two sizes, is offered within 14 calendar days from the day you receive your order.

If you have any questions about LEGION Paris and our designs, specifically about sizes, products, delivery, our return policy or care of the jewelry, please go to the "INFORMATION" tab in the footer.

You can also write to us at contact@legionparis.com We will reply within 24 hours. 

  • Free worldwide delivery on orders over €400

  • Free customs fees for all destinations
  • Made in France

  • Each piece of jewelry is made to order, each one is different and varies.

All LEGION Paris jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity and bears the following hallmarks:

- Our master hallmark authenticates the piece of jewelry and its origin. Like a signature, it is made compulsory by the French Customs.

- 925" authenticating the legal title of 925/1000 silver for all silver jewelry.

- An eagle's head for all gold jewelry over 3g authenticating the legal title of the gold 750/1000. It is stamped directly by the French Customs control service.

- A Minerva head for all silver jewelry over 30g authenticates the legal title of the 925/1000 silver. It is hallmarked directly by the French Customs control service.

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