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Our workshop-boutique is located at 5 rue du Marché Saint-Honoré in Paris, 190m from the prestigious Place Vendôme. Committed to a counter-current creation, we manufacture unique pieces by hand in the jewellery tradition and in the respect of our profession. Our workbench is in the center of our store. All our jewels are entirely handmade in our workshop in Paris and under your eyes. They are made of precious metals only. We never make series, that's why we will make your jewelry to order especially for you. The minimum delivery time is 3 weeks and custom fees are always offered.

custom jewelry

Who should consider custom jewelry design with LEGION?

Whether you want to offer an exceptional gift that will surely please or whether you want to please yourself by wearing a unique piece of jewelry every day, there are only good reasons to choose custom jewelry.

Men or women, platinum bracelets, rings, original engagement ring and hammered white gold wedding rings, pendant or signet ring and other black gold jewelry... The advantage of custom jewelry making lies in the limits that can be pushed back. Practically nothing is impossible when it comes to a custom-made creation as long as it is in accordance with the rules of jewelry making.

At LEGION, our customers are the artists, we are the designers who work to bring your ideas to life and put their expertise at your service to create jewelry that reflects your image and your desires.

So if you are looking for a jeweler's workshop in Paris and a creator able to bring you satisfaction in the personalization of your jewel as you imagine it, only one address: theworkshop boutique of LEGION Paris installed in the rue du Marché Saint Honoré in the 1st district of the capital, just a step from the Place Vendôme!

Beyond the proposed accompaniment in the creation of your custom jewelry, you will find at LEGION bijouterie in Paris, a boutique of handcrafted and original jewelry creations for all styles, all desires and all occasions.

What kind of jewelry can be custom made?

Rings, black gold wedding rings, original women's wedding rings, original men's wedding rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, silver signet rings, brooches... There is no limit to what you can demand from the jewelry designers of theLEGION workshop. Everything is possible!

Starting from an idea, a drawing, a sketch or the variation of an existing jewel, we imagine together the unique piece that will hang on your neck, your finger or your wrist.

To create a custom-made jewel is above all to meet an expectation:

  • If you love a particular gemstone but can't find the right model in the big brands, LEGION will listen to you to find out what style you want your jewelry to have and how to enhance your favorite stone.
  • If you wish to add a touch of soul to your future jewel, whether it carries a message that is dear to your heart, a meaning or a particular symbolism: LEGION takes into account the sentimental and personal dimension to be integrated into the design of your custom jewelry.
  • You have only a vague idea of the jewel you want to see created, but you simply wish to favor a precise color or a specific precious metal: LEGION puts the wealth of its knowledge of gemology and jewelry to guide you in your choices and define little by little the contours of your original creation.
  • You have a budget to meet: LEGION provides expert advice on choosing the elements, metals and stones to create the perfect piece of jewelry within your limits.

You dream of a unique piece of jewelry that no one else has! You have old jewelry lying around in your drawers and you never wear it! A special celebration is coming up and you would like to offer a meaningful piece of jewelry!

Our LEGION workshop offers to accompany you in the choice of your custom jewelry creation and to give life to a pendant, a ring, a bracelet, a brooch or a pair of earrings that meets your desires or that will satisfy its recipient!

For an exclusive piece of jewelry, whether you have a sketch or only a vague idea of your project, LEGION will be able to guide you and define with you the creation that you imagine!

LEGION, for more authentic custom jewelry!

Pushing the door of our workshop store, is to accept to immerse yourself in a world where the jewel takes all its meaning and keeps all the traces of its handcrafted production. More than a custom-made ring, a unique necklace or the creation of an original signet ring, it is jewelry that tells a story to which we propose to give life.

Silver, platinum, black gold and white gold quickly became the most appropriate noble metals to allow us to reveal all the artisanal know-how of our jewelers.

Precious metals that give a more carnal, almost timeless dimension to the custom jewelry creations that we offer to our customers.

This history is the style of your jewel that carries it. It preserves the traces of our work and the tools we use to give it this unique shape, to set the precious stones that you have entrusted to us or those that we unearth for you...

Depending on your preferences, we leave the imprint of the flashlight, a saw, a file, a mallet or a hammer, as an imprint of the creative process carried out on your jewel, yet another way to give it that extra soul that will make the difference when you wear it or give it as a gift!

How does custom jewelry design with LEGION work?

Any process of creation of a custom-made jewel begins with a consultation during one or several interviews, all in benevolence and conviviality, in order to measure all the dimension of your project and to specify little by little the contours of your project.

Whether you have a very precise idea of the type of jewelry, its shape and the meaning it should take or whether it is still quite vague in your mind, our professional jewelry designers will know how to clarify your intentions and bring their eye to the style of your future jewelry.

An original engagement ring, a brooch made from your old jewelry, a custom jewelry set that you can pass down from generation to generation... Whatever the nature of your project, LEGION has all the knowledge and jewelry skills necessary to satisfy you!

The same goes for the choice of gemstones that you want to see adorn your personal jewel. Whether you want to take back the sapphire on an old ring or you have a firm idea about the stone you dream of wearing, we have a network of partners and a solid experience in gemology to help you choose your precious and semi-precious stones.

Diamond, ruby, emerald, but also garnet, opal or amethyst... It is above all your preference that must guide the choice of the ornament that will enhance your custom jewelry.

Once the broad outlines of your custom jewelry design project have been drawn up, it is the hands and know-how of our designers that come into play. Using traditional methods that combine technicality, modernity and delicacy, LEGION gives birth, step by step, to a high quality piece of jewelry that will make sense in your eyes, while placing you at the center of the creation process.

What if you gave a second life to your old jewelry?

You have in your possession a precious stone or gold? Old jewels are only used to decorate the bottom of a drawer?

Depending on the nature of your antique jewelry, the amount of precious metal you own or the size of your fine stone, LEGION's jewelry designers will help you give new life and meaning to your damaged, outdated or simply broken jewelry.

The transformation of antique jewelry into custom jewelry is also the trademark of our workshop in Paris.

A personalized piece of jewelry made with antique jewelry brings an extra sensitivity and richness of meaning when you wear it.

So whether you want the diamond set on your parents' engagement ring to take on a second life on your finger, whether you want to wear a custom-made jewel as a pendant thanks to the recast gold of a family heirloom, or whether you want to add a touch of originality to an existing piece of jewelry, LEGION's jewelers are at your disposal to study the feasibility of your project and to provide you with the advice you need to meet your requirements.

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