The Cerchio Quattro ring is made of750/1000 rose gold with an aged patina that gives it a timeless look. The ring is hand-sculpted and topped with an incredible oval-shaped white opal from East Australia (Lightning Ridge) with surprising green and pink fires, giving it the appearance of a magic ring. The stone is set in 4 pointed claws in 750/1000 white gold.

Ftraditionally and handcrafted sheltered in our workshop in Paris, France. This ring is a unique piece. If your size does not appear in the proposed sizes thank you to contact us by mail at contact@legionparis.com to consider a customized project.

Width of the ring : 4mm

Dimension of the opal: 9 mm X 6mm approximately.

The term " Pink gold"corresponds to 18-carat (750/1000) rose gold. An alloy of gold and copper, slightly pinker than rose gold. This is because rose gold has a higher copper content. The gold is pink throughout and will remain so. We carry out a black rhodium plating treatment. The black rhodium plating will evolve over time according to the acidity of your skin, revealing the natural color of untreated rose gold on the edges.

"Often we come to a crossroads where we have to make a decision that will impact the path our lives take from that point forward."

In Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy , written seven centuries ago, myth and reality intertwine in an adventure through hell, purgatory and heaven.

This new collection is inspired by the first part of Dante's work: the circles of Hell. It consists of nine concentric and overlapping circular areas. Each piece of jewelry is inspired by a stage of Dante's journey to the underworld.

At the end of his allegorical journey, Dante hopes to come to a better understanding of himself, his situation and to be at peace with his exile.

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All about rose gold

Rose gold is a refined, delicate alloy created by the alchemy of pure gold, copper and a touch of silver, giving it its unique, warm hue. Its history has been rooted in jewelry-making traditions for centuries, and it has stood the test of time to become a symbol of modernity and timeless elegance. Today, rose gold rings are the latest proof of the popularity of this precious metal, which embodies passion and refinement to such an extent that each creation becomes a true work of art.
In our workshop and jewelry boutique in the heart of Paris, we have chosen to perpetuate this tradition by presenting you with an exclusive rose gold ring. Entirely hand-crafted by our artisan jewelers, this unique piece embodies the essence of French craftsmanship and the inspiration of our designers. This Cerchio Quattro rose gold ring is the fruit of meticulous craftsmanship, an invitation to discover beauty and elegance through a creation that is as unique as those who will wear it.
LEGION Paris invites you to discover a harmony of colors and fine details that celebrate your personality through the softness and character of rose gold.


Rose gold, a precious metal for women

The warm, bewitching hue of rose gold is the result of an alliance between precious metals: pure gold, a symbol of eternity and purity, blends with copper to create its characteristic pink color, while a touch of silver completes the effect. This unique combination lends our rose gold jewelry a discreet light and unparalleled elegance, making every woman's ring created in the LEGION Paris workshop a treasure trove of originality. Since its first appearance in jewelry, rose gold has followed a fascinating path marked by a relentless quest for beauty and distinction. Once appreciated for its apparent softness and distinguished allure, this precious metal was first the preferred choice of royalty and the elite, before winning the hearts of a wider public. Its unique color evokes tenderness and affection, associating it with love and passion and making it an essential choice for engagement rings and wedding bands, symbols of infinite commitment. Over the centuries, rose gold has adapted to stylistic and cultural evolutions, finding its place in ever more original and captivating creations. Its ability to sublimate both precious stones and the most modern designs makes it a material of choice for our designers, who are always on the lookout to bring to life timeless, raw and always exceptional jewels.
In our Paris workshop, we celebrate the feminine essence and uniqueness of every woman through our rose gold creations. Each woman's ring is designed and crafted with the utmost care, to reflect not only the splendor of this precious metal, but also the personality and dreams of its wearer. We strive to perpetuate this tradition, honoring the richness of rose gold while letting our inspirations do their work, so that our rose gold jewelry remains the symbol of raw elegance and time-defying beauty. The LEGION Paris rose gold ring: a jewel designed for women seeking authenticity In the intimacy of our Parisian workshop, a new jewelry collection inspired by Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy was born, of which this ring set with a white opal is the standard-bearer.
This rare gem, delicately set in four pointed claws in 750/1000 white gold, reveals captivating green and red fires that evoke mystery and eternity. The setting is patinated with a black coating that highlights the opal's brilliance, offering a bold contrast that underscores the beauty of this fine stone. This jewel for women, hand-sculpted by our jewelers, represents our vision of haute joaillerie: a work of art where every detail is thought out to magnify the opal's luminous mother-of-pearl and sublimate the pink gold metal. The combination of pink gold and this splendid opal creates a perfect harmony that makes this ring timeless and unique. This ring bears witness to our desire to create pieces that tell a story, that of a passion for precious metals, fine stones and excellent craftsmanship. This magnificent ring is more than just an accessory, it's a work of art, a celebration of natural beauty and craftsmanship.


The creative process behind the LEGION Paris rose gold ring

Our rose gold ring is the fruit of our jewelers' creativity, which begins long before the first hammer is struck on the precious metal. At LEGION Paris, our jewels are not simply objects of adornment, but material narratives, witnesses to the union between material and craftsman. Each exceptional piece we create tells a story: that of the expert hands that shaped it, leaving behind the subtle imprints of the jeweler's tools and precise gestures on the rose gold that we patinate with black rhodium plating.


Crafts and design

The craftsmanship behind this ring begins with the rigorous selection of rose gold, chosen for its richness of color and ability to transform under the hands of our artisans. The creation process is an ongoing dialogue between the material and the designer, where every stroke, curve and polish is guided by years of expertise and a passion for excellence. This attention to detail ensures that each LEGION Paris ring is, by nature, unique, a work of art with a soul, a woman's ring that you and only you will have the privilege of wearing. Our jewelers, true artists at heart, work gold with a precision that comes only from experience and passion. They shape the metal not only to create something beautiful to the eye, but also pleasant to the touch, a ring that not only adorns the finger, but communicates with the wearer.


Materials and durability

Our selection of rose gold is not made lightly. We are committed to using sustainable materials from the recycling chain, conscious of our environmental footprint. Our gold is ethically sourced while ensuring that the highest sustainability standards are met. This conscious approach is reflected in every ring we offer: a symbol of love for our planet as much as for beauty. When you choose a LEGION Paris rose gold ring, you're not just buying a piece of jewelry, you're inheriting a piece steeped in history and crafted by hands that deeply respect their art and the environment. Behind the work of art, every mark and texture on the rose gold is a signature of the craftsman, ensuring that your ring is truly unique.


The art of wearing the Cerchio Quattro rose gold ring

The purchase or gift of a beautiful rose gold ring, a true gem from our handcrafted collection, is the beginning of a love affair between you and an exceptional piece of jewelry. To ensure that this relationship lasts a long time, that your jewel retains its brilliance and splendor and that your rose gold ring fits in with your lifestyle, you also need to know how to match and care for it.


Style tips from LEGION Paris

Your new rose gold ring is perfect for any occasion. Its warm hue and unique design make it an ideal companion for formal events, as well as for more casual moments. For a daytime look, pair it with a delicate rose gold bracelet or a curb chain to create a soft color harmony. Discreet earrings or a rose gold pendant will complete your outfit perfectly, adding a touch of effortless sophistication, your rose gold jewelry will be an eye-catcher. For evenings out or special occasions, dare to pair with a water pearl necklace that will enhance the unique sparkle of your ring and opal while adding a dimension of luxury and elegance. This timeless combination promises to enhance every moment with your rose gold ring on your finger.


How to care for your rose gold ring

Wearing your rose gold ring every day will be a great pleasure, but it will require special care to preserve its beauty and the brilliance of its semi-precious stone.
● Regular cleaning: Use a mild solution of soap and lukewarm water to clean your ring. With a soft bristle brush, gently remove accumulated dirt, especially around the gem and in the setting details. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.
● Proper storage: When you're not wearing your ring, store it in a soft case or cloth bag to avoid scratches. Keep it separate from other jewelry to prevent friction that could damage its surface.
● Chemical-free: Cosmetics, cleaning products and even chlorine from swimming pools can alter the color and luster of rose gold. Be sure to remove your ring before exposing your hands to these substances. By following our simple tips, your rose gold ring will continue to shine and captivate admiration, providing you with precious moments and memories.

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- A Minerva head for all silver jewelry over 30g authenticates the legal title of the 925/1000 silver. It is hallmarked directly by the French Customs control service.

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