Metals, gemstones and different models allow pairs of ear rings to match an outfit, to match the color of the eyes, to awaken the skin tone and, in any case to reveal the natural beauty of a woman.

Whether you want to brighten up your face, affirm your style, wear a custom-made and exceptional piece of jewelry for a special occasion or simply enhance your natural beauty with a pair of earrings that highlight your complexion and allure, you will find creativity, exclusivity and uniqueness for your ear jewelry at the LEGION Paris design studio.

It is because each woman is different and has her own personality that we offer custom jewelry creations to meet the elegance desires of all women. Style, outfit, circumstance, hairstyle, eye color or face shape, we will know how to create the pair of earrings that suits you to allow you to sublimate your beauty every day.

Discreet or eccentric, sober or resolutely luxurious, with or without precious stones, it is you who chooses the pair of earrings that resembles you and it is our hands that come to give them life within our workshop of creation LEGION Paris.

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The earrings, a timeless jewel!

Women and men have always worn ear jewelry. These ornaments have crossed the ages sometimes as an adornment, sometimes as decorations, signs of distinction, class, belonging ...

While they had become very superfluous in the Middle Ages, it is from the 16th century that the earring returns to the forefront of the scene among women and even among men, including sailors who saw in this ornament a protective and symbolic talisman.

Nowadays, the earring for woman is the jewel par excellence which is part of all the sets and which takes its place in all the jewelry boxes.

White gold or silver earrings, dangling earrings, hoop earrings, stud earrings, ear chips, sleeper earrings, original or designer earrings, this timeless jewel is now available in all styles and materials.

AtLEGION Paris, we have chosen authenticity through collections of earrings for women through unique and exclusive jewelry that are the result of craftsmanship and the combination of metals and / or precious or semi-precious stones.

The custom earring, the ultimate in elegance for a woman!

LEGION Paris is above all a creative workshop where we express all the sensitivity and inspiration of our universe.

It is with this in mind and our passion for beauty and craftsmanship that we offer to create your custom-made women's earrings. With LEGION Paris, you don't just enter a jewelry store, you are immersed in an atmosphere and a mood entirely focused on the metal and/or the gem that will give birth to an exceptional piece of jewelry.

And choosing a pair of custom-made and personalized earrings is the guarantee of wearing a jewel rich in meaning, unique and that looks like you. Our jewelry and earrings in black silver, in hammered precious metal, that we set with precious and semi-precious stones, are marked with a history of their own. This exclusivity is defined through each trace of the passage of the saw, the mallet, the flashlight or the brush of thejeweler, which by nature, can not be reproduced identically.

White gold, red gold, black gold, black silver, white silver, whatever metal you prefer, we will bring you the craftsmanship and creativity that will allow you to wear earrings in your image for a unique look and the promised illumination of your face.

Which stone to pair with black silver earrings?

Sapphire, topaz, ruby, emerald, garnet, spinel ... So many gems that adorn many pieces of jewelry giving them this dimension very bright, very luxurious and bright.

At LEGION Paris, we have chosen exclusivity and difference by offering you earrings creations that you will not find anywhere else. Our love of materials and craftsmanship pushes us to associate noble metals, which we wish to leave in their raw state as much as possible, with semi-precious or precious stones that fit perfectly together.

Red garnet, black spinel, gray diamond, purple amethyst, black opal, Keishi pearls, all of these gems express the sensitivity and creative soul of LEGION Paris. But we are also aware that each woman has her own personality and aesthetic preferences in terms of jewelry and that is why we put all our craftsmanship and creativity at the service of all those who want to wear a custom jewelry that resembles them and all those who want to offer exclusive earrings.

Giving a pair of custom earrings to a woman shows her how unique she is and how much she means to you. A birthday gift, a Valentine's Day gift, a year-end present or a celebration that involves your history, a pair of designer ear rings is the gift that ensures you please and give meaning to the event.

How do I choose my custom earrings ?

Face shape, eye color, hairstyle, clothing preferences, skin tone, style and taste in jewelry, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a pair of earrings that you will enjoy wearing day after day.

Every little detail in an earring will have an effect on your look. A diamond will easily brighten up a face, long and dangling earrings will tend to elongate your face while small studs will bring a touch of discreet and delicate elegance.

Whether you choose hoop earrings, hoop earrings, dangling chains or earrings, the choice of shape and color of the stones to be set is essential to the style you want to achieve. A delicate purple amethyst is the perfect accent to black silver dangle earrings , while small gray diamonds subtly set on a pair of brushed silver earrings bring a very distinguished touch to women's jewelry.

As you can see, beyond your physical characteristics or your style, it is above all your heart's desire to wear a piece of jewelry that must be the guiding thread in your choice of earrings. And for each of your expectations, LEGION Paris' designers will listen carefully to your needs in order to guide our inspiration and offer you an exceptional custom-made piece of jewelry that will not fail to delight the eyes of those who see it.

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