If you are looking for a jewel that makes the difference by its originality while showing a great preciousness, LEGION Paris offers you its unique creations made from this precious metal so particular.

Rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings,black gold allows our jewelers to create a wide variety of jewelry. When you choose a black gold jewel from LEGION Paris, you choose a unique and original piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime and will be passed on to future generations thanks to the story it tells.

Each of our black gold jewels keeps the traces of its shaping, of the tools we used to give it its unique look. An appearance that will take on a patina over the years depending on how you wear it and what your habits are, to finally make it a black gold jewel that totally defines you.

And if you think that the rough, rugged and mysterious character of black gold is reserved only for men's jewelry, think again, more and more of its followers are women!

LEGION Paris ' creativity and expertise allow us to offer our clients black gold jewelry designs for all styles, preferences and occasions.

What is black gold?

In the jewelry world, no jewelry is made from pure gold. Indeed, the extreme malleability of gold metal does not allow the creation of jewelry pieces strong enough to be worn on a daily basis.

The white gold, white gold or pink gold jewels are obtained from various processes of alloys with other metals such assilver, copper, palladium, or the very precious rhodium which will notably allow to manufacture our black gold jewels.

The rhodium treatment we use on the precious metals we create our jewelry is not only aesthetic, it also provides a resistant and durable coating for jewelry that will accompany you through the days and in all circumstances.

Black gold jewelry: for a very assertive style!

It is its daring and very different character compared to the idea that we usually have of jewelry that makesblack gold such a specific material that requires assurance or the need to be different to be worn.

Very atypical, black gold jewels have long been the prerogative of men because of their very charismatic character and their incomparable raw state. LEGION Paris has chosen to diversify its creations to give life to models of rings, pendants, bracelets, black gold wedding bands and earrings that allow to affirm a feminine or masculine personality.

If you want to wear a discreet yet chic outfit, there's no better choice than a set of black gold jewelry. Black gold jewelry created by LEGION Paris jewelers is most original when set with gemstones in bright colors and reflections, or when set in dark colors and reflections to enhance the mysterious dimension that is so characteristic.

Thus, you can find in our black gold jewelry collection, a black gold and tourmaline solitaire, a diamond and black gold ring or a double black gold, tourmaline, sapphire and spinel ring.

And if you're a fan of the elegance of this dark metal, LEGION Paris can create your own custom black gold jewelry so you can be sure you'll never find it on another person.

Shake up the codes with the black gold jewels of the LEGION House!

If it is the difference and exclusivity that you are looking for in an exceptional piece of custom jewelry, then black gold is a great ally.

Black gold engagement ring with a dazzling diamond, black gold signet ring that brings extra assurance to the wearer, hammered black goldwedding rings for men and women with a deep symbolism of strength and durability or black gold bracelet combined with other precious metal variations... LEGION Paris gives you the choice to select or create the black gold jewel that suits you.

Wearing a black gold ring set with a diamond or a black gold pendant with the dazzling reflections of a ruby, an aquamarine, a sapphire or any other gem is the assurance of asserting your personality with refinement and of never leaving indifferent the eyes that look at your black gold jewel.

Choose excellence and exclusivity with the black gold of the LEGION House!

When you push open the door of theLEGION Paris boutique on rue du Marché Saint Honoré, in the 1st arrondissement of the capital and only a few blocks away from the famous and prestigious Place Vendôme, there is no doubt that you are entering the world of jewelry designers who are passionate about the timeless strength of black gold, white gold, platinum and silver.

Precious metals that we shape in an artisanal way thanks to our know-how to give life to jewels that we want to be resolutely unique and created as true works of art.

Entering the world of LEGION Paris is to discover original creations, new metals and gemstone combinations, but it is also the perfect place to let your imagination run wild, to entrust us with your ideas and to see them come to life in the hands of our jewelry artists.

Once you have adopted black gold, once this metal reveals itself to you as an obvious choice to be worn on a daily basis or for a particular occasion, there is no longer any obstacle to creating a black gold jewel that reflects your personality, that asserts who you are and that inevitably enhances your look!