Jeweller in Paris

Legion Paris Custom Jewelry is the fusion of the talent of two atypical jewelry artists: Lucie Lebrun and Angela Oheix.

They met at the prestigious and renowned Ecole Boulle in 2015 where they learned the art of traditional jewelry making, both already experienced in the field. The end of the school year was a revelation, and they fought hard to bring out their singular inspirations from raw metal and melt them into exceptional works of jewelry.

Legion was born. Born from a necessity to be close to the concrete material. Drawing on the ancestral knowledge of fine art and traditional craftsmanship, they chose to make each piece a work of art handcrafted in their workshop here in France, in Paris. The most precious grey metals such as silver, platinum or white or black gold quickly become their favorite materials for their graphic aura and timeless strength. Each one of their jewelry pieces is unique and wear the imprint of the hammer, file or saw that gives it life and makes it different.

The collections are most often inspired by the brutality of nature transcribed in a work around the texture of metal and the transcendental beauty of natural stones. Concerned about their environment, the two artists use recycled metal and only work with suppliers who guarantee a true ethic in their production. The endless time they spend on their old 19th century workbench making their exceptional pieces of jewelry guarantees a handcrafted quality that is eternal. In addition, Legion Paris always strives for perfection in the comfort of its pieces: all jewelry should be an integral part of your body so that you wear it every day with joy and pride.

The core business of Legion Paris is also to transfer and concretise your imagination in your hands with custom-made jewellery creations. This is why Angela and Lucie were keen in 2018 to get closer to you quickly by opening their workshop-boutique in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. An extremely dynamic adventure that quickly allowed the duo to embark on the adventure of a prestigious address since in June 2022 they set up shop at 5 rue du Marché Saint-Honoré in Paris 1er, 190m from the very prestigious Place Vendôme. In a boutique with an elegant and brutalist style, placing their workbench at the centre of the place, the two artists work with passion and precision to create jewellery that has a soul, because aren't emotions the ultimate luxury in a totally digitalized world?

Legion Paris restores the timeless value of preciousness in works of art that will be inherited, passing on stories and traditions from generation to generation.


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The making of original or personalized jewelry at a jeweler's in Paris

Legion Paris is a jewelry store created by jewelry artists who studied at the Ecole Boulle, famous for its high quality teaching of fine arts and creation on precious metals. Entrust your projects to a Parisian jeweler who is passionate about his craft and who makes jewelry by hand in a traditional and artisanal way.

The jewelers of Paris: Lucie Lebrun and Angela Oheix also make unique pieces, custom jewelry from raw or recycled metal.

You want to freeze in time a precious moment? Have your jewel made to measure according to your preferences and, if you wish, using an old jewel that has gone out of fashion!

The Legion Paris and its particularities

Drawing their inspiration from the know-how of French fine arts and crafts, the Paris jewelers design and create unique jewelry pieces crafted with finesse and elegance. The resulting works of art are grouped together in charming collections with meticulous details for men and women. These include:

  • the Legion Paris collection with extraordinary jewels in black gold with precious stones, white gold or silver;
  • the Echidna collection with its elaborate textures and tastefully cut stones. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, etc. recall the mythical jewelry worn by Greek gods and goddesses;
  • The Circe line highlights the white moonstones, symbols of purity, and the black moonstones with their mysterious and bewitching golden and pearly reflections;
  • The Legion Alpha collection for men, the most masculine of all, featuring black gold signet rings, silver pendants with diamonds, red gold bracelets and black gold bracelets;
  • the collection dedicated to spinel, this fine stone with sharp crystals varying from blue to black, from pink - violet to deep red, etc.

Our creative jewelry in Paris is all made by an artist with a sure technique to reveal all the beauty of jewels and precious metals: their unique aura reflects various emotions. These jewels seduce by their extreme purity or their very assertive lines, sometimes a little offbeat.

Developed for those who demand both originality and perfection, creations with precious metals in Paris are exceptional gifts to give to oneself or to those you care about the most.

The know-how of the Paris jeweler

The Paris jeweler creates each piece to order. We make unique pieces that differ slightly from those presented on the site. You can be sure that you are wearing an extraordinary piece of jewelry that belongs to you alone.

If your order is for a custom-made piece of jewelry in Paris, we take the time to listen to you and to understand perfectly what you want. We can offer you a jewel made of recycled precious metals: white gold (white gold and palladium), white gold, yellow gold, black gold, silver and mixed precious metals or created from an old object that you used to own. You give a second life to a piece of jewelry that you no longer wear or that was broken.

Alliances created by Legion Paris

Made of gold or silver, hammered wedding rings, that is to say, shaped in the most rustic way as in antiquity, can be entirely personalized with diamonds set all around the perimeter or engraved with stick letters or calligraphic writing. It all depends on the values transmitted through this jewel that will remain on the finger of the couple throughout their lives.

The wedding ring is traditionally a symbol of love, mutual respect and fidelity but each couple can decide to distinguish themselves by transposing, via the chosen materials, other vows.

Legion Paris engagement rings

Engagement rings are no longer just for women. Everyone can choose a ring for their fiancé or fiancée. Legion Paris guides you in the selection of a jewel with remarkable lines and formed of one or more rings sometimes set with stones of matching colors.

The pure and airy aesthetics of the rings created by the jewelry artists in Paris seduce at first sight. Choose a stone that matches your spouse's personality and identity: red garnet, purple spinel, champagne or black diamond, sky blue aquamarine, pastel indigo blue iolite, etc.!

Stones used for jewelry making in Paris

All of the stones used by Legion Paris come from French diamond lapidaries and are therefore extremely pure. Their traceability is guaranteed. We look for the stones you wish to see on your refined jewelry and insert them in a protective case with claws. They can be :

  • moonstones : white or black with reflections ;
  • topazes of pale yellow, colorless, red, blue or pink color;
  • sapphires with a recognized hardness;
  • diamonds cut in different ways;
  • opals, tourmalines, covellines, aquamarine, spinel, etc.

As a designer of precious metal jewelry and jewelers in Paris, we seek above all to differentiate our collections so that our jewelry looks like no other and helps you feel unique and privileged. The stones are cut with style taking into account the size of the ring and the desired effect. The Brunnera ring, for example, consists of two hammered white gold bands with a traditional oval bezel with 4 red gold claws set with bluish iolite. The Artio pendant in silver representing a bear whose eyes are magnified by black diamonds asserts the virile and indomitable character of today's men.

Legion Paris : the jewelry store for precious jewelry lovers in Paris

Graphic strength and timeless aura are the key words of our custom jewelry creations in Paris. We give priority to the beauty and quality of traditional craftsmanship by drawing inspiration from the brutality of nature and by ensuring respect for the environment. All our purchases are eco-responsible and we favor recycled materials from suppliers with impeccable ethics. The jewels thus fashioned are then passed on from generation to generation without losing their presence and remaining sublime.

Our Legion Paris boutique is located at a prestigious Parisian address so that you can be welcomed in an elegant and atypical setting where our workbench, on which we spend most of our time, is located.

Our workshop-boutique of precious jewelry in Paris

Our workshop is a magical place where we easily find inspiration. Because it is also a store, we work before your eyes, without hiding anything of our art. You can see us sawing, filing, assembling, setting... Each part of the jewel is shaped, skilfully transformed in order to bring out its most beautiful facets.

Your jeweler in Paris requires three weeks to create your jewel: the materials are ordered as soon as the estimate is accepted, then worked from A to Z in the workshop.

Discover jewels with stones in Paris that are distinguished by their unique shapes, their associations of materials, their pure and delicate stones, etc.!

How to find us?

Are you looking for high quality diamond jewelry in Paris? Legion Paris is located in the 1st arrondissement of the capital, rue du Marché Saint Honoré, near Place Vendôme, alongside the most beautiful Parisian luxury brands.

If you wish to use public transportation, take RER line A, metro lines 1, 7, 12, 14 or bus lines 20, 45, 42 and 73.

Come and visit us in our shop-workshop or order online! We remain at your disposal to advise you. You can also schedule a video conference with a jeweler in Paris to talk about your project and show what you dream of.