Sonora is a range of wedding rings with a triangular cross-section, hammered on the central edge and polished on the inside for perfect comfort. This version is in 750/1000 black gold, and you can choose a wide (4 mm) or thin (2.5 mm) version.

Traditionally handcrafted in our workshop in Paris, France. We will make your ring to order especially for you, please allow 6 weeks for this manufacturing.

Please note that each ring is a unique piece and therefore the ring you receive will differ significantly from those shown on the site. This specificity is intentional and is the essence of Legion Paris' artisanal way of working. It should not be considered as a defect or subject to complaint.

Width of the thin version: 2.5mm

Width of the wide version: 4mm

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The term " Petroleum corresponds to 750/1000 white gold, also known as 18-carat gold, on which we carry out a black surface treatment. The black treatment will fade and fade over time depending on the acidity of your skin, revealing the natural color of the untreated white gold on the edges.

Legion Paris also offers an additional engraving service for your wedding rings. CLICK HERE, select your font and add your chosen engraving for each ring to your cart.

Are you looking for a different, unique and original piece of jewelry? You have an attraction for gold in all its states, but you find that it sometimes lacks that little touch of creativity and uniqueness in the jewelry you see in the windows of major jewelry brands ?

How about the character and power of a black gold ring? For a nice alternative to the refinement of yellow gold and the elegance of white gold, the dark effects ofblack gold allow you to slip on your finger a jewel full of strength and filled with a fascinating charm.

At LEGION Paris, black gold is one of our favorite precious metals . The aestheticism and spirit it brings to our unique creations makes it the perfect partner to surprise you with our collection of black gold rings, all of which are exclusive pieces that guarantee you'll never see the same one on another person's finger.

The strong points of the black gold ring !

To convince you to wear a black gold ring on a daily basis, you must first of all understand how this particular, bewitching, almost mysterious hue is obtained.

To create your black gold rings, LEGION Paris' jewelry designers start with a base of 18K white gold, which is actually an alloy of 750/1000 pure gold with added silver and palladium.

Then, by a specific and very technical process, we carry out a surface treatment with black rhodium which will confer to the metal this so particular color.

This is how we give life to original and resolutely lively black gold ring creations . Indeed, when you make the choice to affirm your personality by wearing a black gold ring on your finger, it will change and become more beautiful at your touch.

The acidity of your skin and its daily wear will make it evolve and revealwhite gold tints on its edges which will be of the most beautiful effect since it will reinforce this unique and exclusive ring feeling which corresponds only to you.

Wearing a black gold ring is to challenge, create emotion, question and never leave indifferent. And beyond the unique and sometimes confusing character of black gold, it is also a very resistant precious metal that promises to keep your ring as long as you like, the patina of time only reinforcing the power of its aestheticism.

Which stone to choose on a black gold ring?

In general, all color combinations of gems are possible as black gold can reveal the brilliance of a gem.

Choosing a black gold ring that matches your personality, whether you are a man or a woman, is above all a matter of sensitivity and personal taste. Among the styles permitted by black gold and to wear a ring that is both elegant, sensual and resolutely different:

  • The white or champagne diamond will reinforce the dark raw side of the black material while bringing out the sparkle of the gemstone.
  • The amethyst whose delicate purple contrasts elegantly with the anthracite color of the black gold metal.
  • The black diamond or black spinel enhances the overall look and almost mystique of your ring. An ideal combination for assertive personalities and a certain confidence in everyday life.
  • The pink or light blue sapphire whose brilliance will be revealed alongside the black gold.
  • The gray spinel for an ideal translucency that contrasts with the depth and raw state of the black metal.

As you can see, it is mostly a matter of preference and style to choose the gemstone or semi-precious stone that will complement a black gold ring on your finger.

Quartz, topaz, onyx, opal, moonstone, tourmaline can reflect all their brilliance in a marriage withblack gold!

The models presented in our workshop boutique LEGION Paris located rue du marché Saint Honoré near the Place Vendôme in Paris are an invitation to discover this metal so different.

The creativity and craftsmanship of our jewelers allow us to offer you the creation of a unique black gold ring that is completely out of your imagination.

Shape, style, stone... You can choose which black gold ring to wear by entrusting us with the privilege of bringing it to life.

The black gold ring, a jewel for men or women?

The very raw appearance of black gold might suggest that it is a metal that lends itself more to the masculine for the creation of a silver signet ring for men or even a hammered wedding band full of character.

And yet, thanks to the delicacy and creativity of LEGION Paris jewelers, the black gold ring takes on a whole new dimension when it is thought of, imagined, designed and set to dress a woman's hand.

For an engagement ring, a magnificent ring for an anniversary, a wedding ring, a diamond and black gold solitaire or a pretty ring simply to please, the black gold jewel ring invites itself to the fingers of women as well as men.

If you are still hesitating about the originality and uniqueness of the black gold ring, you should know that this precious metal can be used to dress up the other elements of your custom jewelry set: earrings, pendants, bracelets...

For jewelry with character, finesse and elegance, theLEGION Paris boutique workshop located in the 1st arrondissement of the capital, invites you to meet our jewelers and their creations. You will realize the authenticity of our jewelry collections and our black gold rings.

The only risk you take in coming to visit us is to bring more interest to this unique metal and to want to leave with your personalized black gold ring!

The black gold wedding ring, all the symbolism of a precious metal for a durable and robust union!

Deep refinement, sobriety, character, luxury, elegance ... There is no shortage of adjectives to try to define this very special color that designer jewelry takes on today: black!

While traditions and customs have been turning to yellow or white gold for many years, or even pink gold in recent times,black gold brings that touch of mystery and delivers a powerful message for those who choose to adorn themselves with it by opting for ablack gold wedding ring.

A wedding ring is a beautiful ring that we wear every day so the choice of black gold is perfect because it fits perfectly with each of our outfits and it brings that little touch of difference that gives a lot of meaning when it comes to your wedding rings.

LEGION Paris offers you its different unique models ofblack gold wedding rings or offers you the possibility to create custom-made ones that will be uniquely yours and the image of your couple, without ever discovering the same ones elsewhere.

A black gold wedding ring, the jewel of a meaningful union!

Its strong character, its raw state, its purity and its robustness give your black gold wedding ring a symbol of solidity and durability in your union.

Choosing black gold for your wedding rings is first and foremost an exclusive approach, as this precious metal is still very confidential among jewelers and jewellers around the world.

If you want to bring a dimension of uniqueness and a strong symbolism to your union in the choice of a woman's wedding ring or a man's wedding ring,black gold is more than ever the noble and refined material that will make your wedding rings exceptional jewels carrying the message of your mutual love.

In addition to creatingblack gold wedding rings and black gold engagement rings, the jewelers at LEGION Paris listen to your ideas to create a custom black gold ring that is timeless, discreet, set with one or more gems, or simply worked in its raw state.

Whether you have a sketch of your desires or a vague idea in your mind, our designers will know how to give your wedding rings all the meaning and the message you want them to carry.

Which gemstone for a black gold wedding ring?

The very dark character of black gold, although it patinates with time in contact with the skin and reinforces this belonging to your personality, does not allow all marriages with any gemstone.

Indeed, the dark character of black gold allows the contrast of a wedding ring with a clear stone such as a white diamond. This feature can also be an advantage for a black gold wedding ring for a man who prefers the tone-on-tone discretion of a black diamond.

For a woman, if you want to bring an extra touch of elegance to your black gold wedding ring, a diamond, a sapphire, a ruby, an amethyst or a garnet will further enhance the black of the ring while making the reflections of the stone all the more brilliant.

Similarly, darker stones, such as black diamond, Australian black opal, onyx, black spinel or pietersite can be an excellent alternative to enhance the sobriety and minimalism, the natural effect of the raw metal and the preciousness of your black gold wedding rings.

Entrust the creation of your custom-made black gold wedding rings for men and women, black gold diamond wedding rings or black gold solitaire rings to LEGION Paris and benefit from a recognized craftsmanship. You can be sure to see the creation of high quality jewels that meet your expectations, that deliver all the symbolism you are looking for and that will not lack character.

The black gold wedding ring, what symbolism in the marriage?

Much more than a simple piece of jewelry, the engagement ring orwedding band must, above all, represent the attachment that two people have towards each other.

Synonymous with love, commitment and a promise for the future, the wedding ring is a symbol that is supposed to accompany a man and a woman united, throughout their lives, in a symbol of eternity.

However, it is no longer an obligation to conform to traditional models that went so far as to define what type of jewelry and certain standards in the choice of rings symbolizing the belonging of one being to another.

Today, just as marriage has modernized, the wedding ring for men and the ring for women must fit into this same pattern of freedom and modernity in the couple.

And it is theblack gold wedding ring that best characterizes this transformation of the union between husband and wife while carrying a strong symbol for the spouses.

Black gold is 18 carat gold, a metal as rare as it is precious, which combines strength and power with originality and uniqueness, so that wedding rings made by hand with this prestigious material will only reinforce everything that your marriage means in a complicity that is unique to your couple.

The black gold wedding ring, an exceptional jewel that requires mastery and know-how!

It is the rarity and preciousness of black gold that gives it such a special dimension, like a paradox between elegance and brutality. Knowing how to tame this precious metal requires skills and know-how of excellence in the fields of jewelry creation.

There are very few jewelers who offer jewelry, especially wedding rings, in black gold. And it is for this particularity, for this exclusivity, beyond the passion of working with such precious metals, that LEGION Paris highlights all of its expertise and craftsmanship in our boutique workshop in the 1st arrondissement of the capital, rue du Marché Saint Honoré, near Place Vendôme.

Whether it is our models resulting from the imagination of our jewellers or the black gold wedding rings that we create to measure according to your ideas and your desires, you can be sure that everything is done to allow you to slip on your fingers, on the D-day, an exclusive, unique and original jewel that will be rich in meaning for you and for your loved one.

Make the choice of the difference and the modernity by choosing the black gold wedding rings from

by the creators of LEGION Paris.

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  • Each piece of jewelry is made to order, each one is different and varies.

All LEGION Paris jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity and bears the following hallmarks:

- Our master hallmark authenticates the piece of jewelry and its origin. Like a signature, it is made compulsory by the French Customs.

- 925" authenticating the legal title of 925/1000 silver for all silver jewelry.

- An eagle's head for all gold jewelry over 3g authenticating the legal title of the gold 750/1000. It is stamped directly by the French Customs control service.

- A Minerva head for all silver jewelry over 30g authenticates the legal title of the 925/1000 silver. It is hallmarked directly by the French Customs control service.

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