For an assertive masculinity, LEGION Paris offers a range of men's earrings designed and made from high quality metals and gemstones, for a raw state and design of the most original.

How to choose a pair of earrings for men?

Just like a watch, a bracelet, a signet ring, or a pendant, men's ear rings must above all respond to a style and although it is a matter of taste, choose a pair of studs or earrings.

LEGION Paris, true to its values of defending craftsmanship and exceptional materials, is committed to offering models of earrings that are resolutely masculine, easy to wear and to associate with an outfit, a look and a style.

It all starts with the choice of precious metal that makes up the man's jewelry, which gives it its shape and originality. While gold and gilded metal are often reserved for women, LEGION Paris ' designers use more masculine, raw metal colors, such as black gold, white gold and silver, which bring a strong character while maintaining a formidable elegance.

Finally, it is the gemstones set in a pair of men's earrings that reveal their brilliance and offer another dimension to your style. Diamond, garnet, black spinel, black opal, onyx... So many gems with a very deep luster and a delicate orientation that transforms the jewelry for men into an extension of the male personality, without extravagance and for a very personal vision of elegance that can be subtle, rebellious or resolutely more raw.

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LEGION Paris' advice for your choice of men's earrings!

Whether you're treating yourself or your male partner to a pair of designer earrings, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you make the right choice:

  • The habits of the man for whom the earrings are intended. Indeed, it is important to take into account the fact that you have or not the habit of wearing jewelry and, a fortiori, earrings.

In case wearing jewelry is an affirmed thing in the recipient of the present, then just choose a pair of gold or silver earrings that echoes the pieces usually worn.

Otherwise, it is advisable to choose more discreet earrings like the silver studs set with a black spinel from the LEGION Paris collection.

  • The metal: In terms of precious metals, men are more likely to wear jewelry that doesn't have too many "flashy" sides. Silver, white gold, black gold, red gold or steel, are metals that are perfectly suited to masculinity.
  • Precious stones. If you opt for masculine earrings with a gemstone setting, it is important to choose small gems, finely cut without being too shiny. A rough diamond, a deep garnet, a black opal, a quartz, a cultured pearl, so many precious and semi-precious stones that fit perfectly with a very assertive masculine style as much as for the search for discretion in the wearing of the earring.
  • Size. Whatever your style or that of the man to whom you want to offer a pair of earrings, banish the hanging earrings, the large creoles, the tassels and other XXL jewelry. The earring man wants to be discreet so you must focus on small thin rings, discreet studs. In any case, make sure that the earring chosen does not exceed the bottom of the earlobe.

LEGION Paris, earrings for men resolutely masculine and custom made!

In the windows of jewelry stores or in the workshops of designers, we used to find a selection of earrings for women. But in recent years, men have also taken over this fashion accessory to make it an ornament with strong significance for their personality and style.

Although the variety of models is much less than the huge choice reserved for women, jewelry houses and designers are redoubling their creativity to bring a particular essence to jewelry and earrings for men. Among the most recurrent creations, we find :

Nails and ear chips

This is the understated earring par excellence. Stud earrings, although it is possible to find them in different variations of models and patterns, are never more elegant than when they are refined and composed of a noble material and a semi precious or precious stone.

A hammered silver ear stud set with a black spinel or deep red garnet looks great when hooked into a man's earlobe.

Creoles and earrings

Although larger than a chip or an earring, rings and hoop earrings for men are still small and often made in a very small diameter, far from the large gold or gold-plated hoop earrings favored by women.

If you choose them in black gold, solid silver or even white gold, the patina of time and the very raw character of the material will only add to the charm and elegance of this type of earrings for men.

A birthday gift, father's day or celebration of a special event? Let yourself be tempted by the masculine earring. It's a great gift to choose a pair of designer earrings to add a touch of mystery to a man's style. Each piece of jewelry made in theLEGION Paris design studio is the result of our designers' expertise and is therefore unique by nature through the craftsmanship it represents.

Exceptional jewels and earrings, 100% French handcrafted, a certificate of authenticity, the use of gems and precious metals, a secure payment and a delivery at your home, everything is gathered to offer you the pair of earrings which resemble you or to make a rich present of sense to your male partner.

Let yourself be carried away by the creative universe of LEGION Paris, it's the certainty of wearing different jewelry, full of authenticity and that we can make to measure so that they are resolutely turned towards the style of each one.

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