Onewa is a range of unisex wedding rings. This version is in 750/1000 rose gold. You can choose a wide (4 mm) or thin (2.5 mm) version.

Traditionally handcrafted in our workshop in Paris, France. We will make your ring to order especially for you, please allow 6 weeks for this manufacturing.

Please note that each ring is a unique piece and therefore the ring you receive will differ significantly from those shown on the site. This uniqueness is intentional and is the essence of Legion Paris' artisanal way of working. It should not be considered as a defect or an object of complaint.

Width of the thin version: 2.5mm

Width of the wide version: 4mm

If you would like to add white and/or black diamonds to your wedding rings, CLICK HERE.

Choose your size below by referring to the size guide found in the tabs at the end of the product sheet.

The term " rose gold " refers to 18-carat (750/1000) rose gold. An alloy of gold and copper, slightly pinker than rose gold. This is because rose gold has a higher copper content. No surface treatment such as rhodium plating is used: the gold is pink throughout and will remain so.

Legion Paris also offers an additional engraving service for your wedding rings. CLICK HERE, select your font and add the chosen engraving for each ring to your basket.

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The wedding ring, a symbol of the love and devotion shared between two hearts, must be as unique as the bond it represents. Like an engagement ring, it embodies the promise of a shared future, a commitment made with solemnity and passion. Among the precious choices available to lovers, rose gold wedding rings stand out for their warmth and elegance, capturing the very essence of eternal love. This particular hue, rich and soft at the same time, makes each rose gold wedding band a treasure that will be handed down from generation to generation, for men and women who aspire to mark their union with a timeless and unique wedding ring.


The Onewa rose gold wedding ring from LEGION Paris

Choosing a wedding ring is a key moment in a couple's life, a choice that goes far beyond aesthetics to touch the very essence of their union. The unique light of rose gold offers a modern, sophisticated alternative to traditional precious metals, giving lovers a way to set themselves apart. Our craftsmanship and the quality of our entirely handcrafted jewelry enrich this experience, transforming our rose gold wedding rings into true works of art. Each ring is crafted with care and passion by the expert and creative hands of our jewelers. Your rose gold wedding ring is imbued with a deep, personal story that reflects not only the love of the individuals it unites, but also the exceptional craftsmanship of the artisans who created it. The uniqueness of our Onewa wedding rings is reflected in the traces left by our tools and the gestures of our creative craftsmen. Every file stroke, every hammer blow and every saw cut leaves a unique imprint that makes the rings of your union as exclusive as the love they bear for each other.


Personalize your rose gold wedding band for a custom-made ring

The rose gold wedding ring, already unique for its warm color, soft shine and the signs of the craftsmanship of the creators of our jewelry house LEGION Paris, becomes an even more personal treasure thanks to the possibility of engraving. Imagine your rose gold ring engraved with words that are dear to you. Whether it's the date that seals your union, your names intertwined, or a phrase that symbolizes your love, engraving brings an intimate and exclusive dimension to your wedding jewel. LEGION Paris gives you the choice of font to add an extra touch of personalization. With the Onewa wedding band, you can reflect your couple's unique history and personal style.


Why choose rose gold and LEGION Paris to symbolize your union?

Do you want to find a wedding ring that stands out from the traditional gold wedding band, silver wedding band, diamond wedding band or wedding jewels that all look the same? Rose gold and the creativity of LEGION Paris jewelers are the answer to your quest for originality and timelessness. LEGION Paris' rose gold rings, in 18-carat or 750/1000 gold, promise a discreet yet intriguing alternative to conventional wedding jewelry choices.
The unique hue of rose gold lends our jewelry a sober, elegant character that enhances the finger and hand, while promising durability symbolic of eternity. At LEGION Paris, each men's and women's wedding ring is designed to celebrate your wedding in a unique way.
The warmth and softness of rose gold create an atmosphere of love and tenderness around this sacred bond. Our creations don't just embellish, they tell a story, that of two souls united in the diversity and richness of their shared journey. LEGION Paris rose gold jewelry is the fruit of exceptional craftsmanship, where even the most subtle diamond cannot replace the magnificence of rose gold. To choose a magnificent rose gold ring for your wedding is to opt for a piece that, in its allure and design, perfectly represents the union of two individuals in search of a unique expression of their eternal love.
Our rose gold creations are the promise of a wedding ring that is both timeless and personal, capable of enduring the years with grace and elegance, just like the love it is destined to symbolize.


How to care for your rose gold wedding rings?

To ensure that your rose gold wedding band retains its brilliance and beauty over the years, a few simple maintenance gestures are essential. First of all, we recommend that you remove your wedding band for men or women whenever you are engaged in manual activities that are likely to scratch it or expose it to aggressive chemicals.
To clean your wedding band or rose gold ring, use a mild solution of soap and lukewarm water. Immerse your ring briefly in this solution, then use a soft bristle brush to gently remove any residual dirt. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. For more in-depth care of this original rose gold wedding ring, or if you have any doubts, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Finally, when you're not wearing your wedding ring, keep it with your jewelry collection in a fabric-lined case to avoid scratches. These tips will ensure that your precious rose gold wedding ring remains as sparkling as it was on your wedding day.


LEGION Paris: For unique and timeless wedding jewelry

And if you're a couple who loves gem-set wedding jewelry, and you're more attracted to the sparkle of diamonds, platinum wedding rings, silver wedding bands or the setting of a sapphire, green tourmaline, red garnet, opal or spinel, LEGION Paris can create a bespoke piece of jewelry to suit your needs, for men and women alike!

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The first sizing, up to two sizes, is offered within 14 calendar days from the day you receive your order.

If you have any questions about LEGION Paris and our designs, specifically about sizes, products, delivery, our return policy or care of the jewelry, please go to the "INFORMATION" tab in the footer.

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  • Free worldwide delivery on orders over €400

  • Free customs fees for all destinations
  • Made in France

  • Each piece of jewelry is made to order, each one is different and varies.

All LEGION Paris jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity and bears the following hallmarks:

- Our master hallmark authenticates the piece of jewelry and its origin. Like a signature, it is made compulsory by the French Customs.

- 925" authenticating the legal title of 925/1000 silver for all silver jewelry.

- An eagle's head for all gold jewelry over 3g authenticating the legal title of the gold 750/1000. It is stamped directly by the French Customs control service.

- A Minerva head for all silver jewelry over 30g authenticates the legal title of the 925/1000 silver. It is hallmarked directly by the French Customs control service.

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