Jewelry in Paris

Enter a jewelry store in Paris like no other! Here, jewelry is handcrafted before your eyes. Made only with precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver, these unique pieces are designed to stay in the family and be passed on from generation to generation.

In addition to custom jewelry, Legion Paris offers original handcrafted creations for all styles and occasions. Ask us questions about our art and our inspirations! We will be happy to answer them.

The creations of your jewelry store in Paris

Made by artists passionate about creation and work on precious metals, the jewelry displayed in the store offers originality and refinement. Come and see us working in our workshop:

  • draw each piece ;
  • make the cut ;
  • file the file;
  • provide texturing ;
  • to shape every detail;
  • to proceed to the brazing, that is to say to the assembly by welding;
  • guarantee an elegant and refined finish.

We invite you to view rings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets and earrings for all budgets in our boutique-workshop and online. The first sizing is free.

The most beautiful associations are imagined: between black gold and red gold, silver and gold, black silver and red gold, white gold and red gold, etc. Multiple combinations are possible, which is why we always look for the most refined ones.

Custom-made jewelry: unique pieces made by jewelers

The jewels created to order in Paris are sought-after works, imagined with the client and sometimes taking up old jewels or precious metals that had no precise function or were abandoned in a drawer.

Legion Paris gives new life to gold, platinum, diamond-set jewelry or jewelry enriched with an exceptional gemstone: diamond, sapphire, garnet, spinel, etc. inherited from his family or purchased long ago and no longer in the style of the day, whose style is outdated ... We ask, however, that the stone be certified.

Each of your requests for personalized work is given the utmost attention. We give you ideas to make your jewelry creation in Paris unique and advise you at each step. As this work is meticulous and requires a long working time, we expect a minimum of 6 weeks for completion. All the steps are carried out in our workshop and we never use subcontractors.

By having a custom-made jewel made in Paris, you distinguish yourself by wearing a unique piece, handcrafted according to the jewelers' tradition.

Wedding jewelry: wedding rings, engagement rings and much more

Because an engagement ring or wedding band is worn for a lifetime and passed on to one's children, its composition and workmanship must be carefully considered. These skillfully crafted pieces of jewelry are a pledge of mutual commitment and have spiritual significance that must be safeguarded. This is why the jewelry made by jewelry artists is so detailed.

The jewel reflects the love given to his spouse and remains a symbol of fidelity. Even if many people want to offer an engagement ring with a diamond or stone as tradition dictates, some prefer to surprise with an extraordinary necklace or a bracelet of remarkable delicacy and charm. The handcrafted works carved entirely by hand fascinate:

  • The Scylla necklace in black silver and composed of 9 textured tiles and articulated between them is decorated in its center of a raw blue opal pale with blue and green reflections;
  • The Datura necklace has a silver chain mail front entirely designed by hand and comes alive with a teardrop pendant set with a pearly moonstone;
  • Mellona silver cufflinks are as creative as they are stylish.

Which jewels are exposed in our workshop-boutique in the Palais-Royal district?

In our jewelry store in Paris, you will find unique styles of jewelry for men and women and original collections that follow the seasons:

  • rings in silver, white gold, black gold, mixed precious metals and certified stones: tourmaline, diamond, tanzanite;
  • necklaces and pendants encrusted with opal, sapphire and diamonds, adorned with frosted quartz, in black and red gold;
  • bracelets in silver or enhanced with black stones, thin or cuff style, with fine and coarse mesh;
  • handmade cufflinks inspired by nature;
  • earrings: ear studs, creoles, representing birds ;
  • hammered wedding rings in black or white gold, in silver... engraved according to your wishes and set with diamonds or other stones, if you wish, for more personalization;
  • engagement rings, etc.

Legion Paris also offers accessories such as silver key rings, practical bags, jewelry cleaning cloths, etc.

An engraving service with a choice of stick font or calligraphy is also available. Please contact us !

The jewelry artists behind Legion Paris

We are two jewelers who graduated from the Ecole Boulle in Paris, a superior school of applied arts renowned for the rigor of its teachings and its propensity to encourage creativity. Our challenge at the time was to melt raw metal to transform and shape it into a piece of jewelry with a unique aura. And, it is in this innovative spirit that we opened our Legion Paris workshop.

Our inspiration for the realization of handmade jewelry in Paris comes from various universes but always respects the rules stemming from the ancestral knowledge of traditional crafts and fine arts. We pay particular attention to the finishing touches for successful graphic effects and to highlight the details. The handmade jewel is then timeless and impregnated with a strong identity that makes its particularity.

Each creation of custom-made jewel in Paris in workshop is with the image of the one who will carry it for a perfect fusion. The stones, jewels of nature, are worked with delicacy and protected thanks to a nicely shaped case.

Designed to be worn every day while remaining comfortable, Legion Paris' precious metal jewelry is designed with recycling in mind: the materials come from suppliers who guarantee true ethics and respect the environment.


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Where to find your Legion Paris jewelry store ?

Our boutique, where we also have our workshop, is located on rue du Marché Saint Honoré in the heart of the 1st arrondissement of Paris, a stone's throw from Place Vendôme. Created in 2016, the workshop, which became a jewelry boutique in Paris a few years later, is a place of exchange that allows us to get to know our customers and develop a special relationship with them to create the exceptional piece they dream of.

How to get to the Legion Paris workshop-boutique?

To reach our jewelry store in Paris, it is very simple. You just have to take the metro. The Opéra stations on lines 3, 7 and 8 and the Tuileries station on line 1 are all close by. There are also bus stops nearby, including Pyramides and Pyramides - Saint-Honoré.

If you have a car, you can get to our jewelry store in the heart of Paris by following the Avenue de l'Opéra and then the rue du Marché Saint-Honoré.

Our offers to please and amaze

Our jewelry store in Paris allows you to spoil your loved ones by letting them choose the jewel. You want to surprise your spouse, your child or a friend? Think of the digital gift card! Legion Paris offers you a Dark Card with a minimum value of 100 € and up to 800 €.

Using the Legion Paris jewelry gift card is easy. The beneficiary simply enters his code in the box provided for this purpose when ordering and immediately enjoys his gift.