Lucie and Angela, the two creators of LEGION Paris

Legion Paris is the fusion of the talent of two atypical jewellery artists, two singular women: Lucie Lebrun and Angela Oheix.

They met at the renowned and prestigious French craft school "Ecole Boulle" in 2015 where they learned the art of artisanal jewellery making. Combining their studies with their fierce desire to create their brand, they fought to bring their inspirations out of the raw metal and melt them into exceptional works of jewellery.

Why the name "Legion"? "We felt like soldiers, creating our brand from scratch, with no money and no address book is a hard fight in which you have nothing to lose if you want to win.

Angela and Lucie don't usually communicate much about themselves as people. "We believe that the real stars of Legion Paris are our hands as they give birth to our unique creations." That's why this article is the only place you can find out more about the two designers.

Focus on the two artists:

Angela OHEIX

Angela is originally from Cannes. A city that is an ambassador of the silver screen, the festival of the 7th art has enveloped the young woman since her first breath and instilled in her a passion for cinema, for images, for beautiful light and perfect framing. After technical studies in the audiovisual sector, Angela was quickly noticed and became responsible for VOD programming for Canal+. As the years and events within the channel wore down her enthusiasm for her profession, Angela left everything in 2015 and decided to return to the concrete while maintaining her taste for beautiful things. This was the beginning of LEGION Paris when she met Lucie on the school benches.

Lucie Lebrun

Lucie comes from the east of France, Nancy to be precise. Very early on, she developed a profuse imagination and a powerful thirst for creation. Art in all its forms, and more particularly music, allowed her to find a healthy balance and at the age of 17, the young woman became a professional musician while pursuing advanced studies in design. As an author, composer and performer, Lucie performed brilliantly in the largest concert halls in Europe and the most coveted festivals for nearly 15 years and released a dozen records. She also worked as a concert musician and is still today a vocal coach for renowned French artists. In 2015, feeling that the shadowy side of this profession was becoming too strong for her to blossom serenely, she decided to return to another art form in which she had already made a name for herself: jewellery, and resumed her studies in Paris, at the Ecole Boulle. At the same time, she created the Legion Paris brand with Angela, who was in the same class...