The story of the creation of Etesian solitaire

The creation of our Etesian solitaire goes back to the beginning of Legion Paris in 2016. We wanted to offer a ring with a stone that represented 100% the DNA of who we are, our graphic universe, but it seemed impossible with the classic cuts found in jewellery such as the pear, the brilliant or even the princess cut. We made several attempts, developed dozens of prototypes but always without success, we could not find the perfect shape that illustrated the mystical side but also the contemporary elegance of Legion Paris.

The meeting with a Parisian lapidary, a renowned craftsman in the profession, was decisive when we decided to develop our "signature" stone cut. Several drawings and models are then necessary to obtain the perfect proportions. After many tests, we decided enthusiastically on this rosecut cut, i.e. without a culet, in an irregular and pyramidal square. It will be set between 5 asymmetrical prongs to finally give birth to our Etesian solitaire, available in several versions: amethyst, black onyx, green tourmaline or red garnet.

Each stone is hand cut here in France by expert craftsmen, each stone is unique and uncalibrated giving each new manufacture a singular brilliance and elegance to the ring it surmounts.

In the images above, you can see the raw crystals as they are collected in nature as well as the stone being cut before being set on the ring.