Why we don't do Black Friday

This year we are not doing Black Friday. In fact, we never offer sales. 

The reason is quite simple: we are artisans. We wake up in the morning with a fierce need to be proud of what we do, go to bed at night with a bad back, and every day we fight to make our business right, to find new ways to stand out in a sea of shameless, outsourced brands. 

We do not buy stock. We handcraft a piece of jewellery especially for you every time. We are not and never will be an intermediary between you and a manufacturer. What you pay goes directly to the craftsmen who make your jewellery, i.e. us, the creators of Legion Angela and Lucie, our sole employee Nina, but also our local service providers: foundryman, stone setter, lapidary, etc. 

Buying a Legion jewel means supporting another economy, it means betting that we can do things differently, that we can act for a fairer, more local economy. 

This radical choice has a price: it does not allow us any sales margin. In order to have occasional sales and marketing operations, we would have to double our prices all year round. This is not our intention. We prefer to offer you jewellery at the right price all year round, i.e. as low as possible to support our little world here in France

Having a sale or Black Friday would be working at a loss. 

That would be the death of Legion Paris.