Black gold

LEGION Paris specialises in black gold jewellery and more specifically black gold wedding and engagement rings. We have developed our own shade of black in collaboration with a Parisian black rhodium plating professional and are able to create rings with a very dark and durable shade. We particularly like the very deep result we have achieved, it enhances the contrasts in the finish of our rings which are very textured and play with matte, satin and gloss.

More technically, what we call "black gold" is a base of 750/1000 white gold (also called 18 carat) on which we carry out a black surface treatment by electrolysis with black rhodium. This treatment, like any surface treatment, will allow the natural colour of the white gold to emerge over time, especially on the edges of your jewel. This result is voluntary and is an integral part of the life of a black gold jewel that develops a patina over time, evolving into a unique jewel that belongs only to you, shaped by the passing years.

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