Genesis of the creation of the Circé collection

The Circe collection was born in the summer of 2021 when I came across these white moonstones like drops of purity in their raw state in which the blue of the soul is reflected. I immediately wanted to work around the idea that purity could be a weapon, and what better weapon than an antidote to poison? So I tried to materialize the famous poison with stones and that's how, during my research, with the help of my lapidary in Paris, I was able to find these black moon stones with golden and pearly reflections.

The basis of the collection was born, on the one hand the candid whiteness of these white moonstone drops, my antidote, in contrast to the black moonstone cabochons, my poison. Acting as two antagonistic entities whose sole purpose is to fight each other but which cannot exist separately.

The Greek legend of Circe illustrates this idea well. Indeed, Circe is a famous magician. She lives on the island of Eea, surrounded by wolves and lions, who were once men whom she bewitched. When Odysseus and his companions landed on the island, they were attracted by a harmonious voice and drawn to the palace. Circe welcomed them and offered them a Cyceon, a drink to which she had added a poison: Datura. As soon as they had drunk, she recited an incantation that turned them into pigs. The god Hermes then gave Odysseus the herb "Moly", the counter-philter, and gave him the instructions to triumph over Circe.

This is how the range of white moonstone jewelry called "Moly" and the range of black moonstone jewelry called "Datura" came into being, both of which have been brought together in the Circé collection, available for sale from 4 March 2022 and featuring exclusively unique pieces.