The creation of custom jewelry at LEGION Paris!


If for you, a jewel is the result of the alliance of precious materials, stones and metals, with the creativity and the know-how of craftsmen, if you are not satisfied with a necklace, a bracelet or a ring manufactured in large series and which does not distinguish itself from another, then the creation of custom-made jewels according to LEGION Paris answers your expectations.


When you entrust our jewelers with the project of a custom-made jewel that you wear, it is much more than a ring, a pair of earrings or a pendant that will come out of our workshop but a work of art that you will be the only one to wear.


Whether it's wedding rings, a custom jewelry set to celebrate a special event or the simple pleasure of wearing a unique piece every day, there are a thousand and one reasons to choose custom jewelry making. You won't find a better jewelry artist to bring your desires, ideas and aspirations to life.


The creation of custom jewelry with LEGION Paris, how does it work?


Each creative project has its origin in an inspiration, a desire or even a simple image from a fleeting idea that grows to become a real motivation.

It is thus by an exchange that we begin our collaboration to, on the one hand, place you in the heart of the creative project, and on the other hand, to identify your expectations, advise you on the feasibility and imagine, together, the jewel to be created.


We offer you the possibility to carry out this exchange directly in our boutique workshop in Paris, near the Place Vendôme, or to choose videoconferencing for a remote meeting. For each of these solutions, we will take the time to define the contours of your project to let emerge a precise idea of your expectations.


A bracelet for men, a ring for women, a pendant, a medal, a signet ring, an engagement ring, a wedding band, a pair of earrings or a complete set of jewelry, the custom creation associated with the know-how and talent of our jewelry artists offers a wide range of possibilities and no limit to the birth of your jewelry.


Which stones and precious metals to choose for a custom-made jewel?


At LEGION Paris, we favor precious metals such as black, white, pink, red or yellow gold, as well as silver, inspiring materials that invite creativity for pieces ranging from the most classic to the most exuberant, if you so choose.


If you ask us to create a jewel set with precious stones, it is above all the symbolism, the meaning and the harmony that we seek together to define which gem is more likely to magnify the creation.