Custom ring design at LEGION Paris !

An engagement ring, wedding rings or a ring to give for a special occasion, the ring is one of the most favored jewelry by women as much as men.


But it is also a piece that should reflect your personality, your style and your preferences as much as it can carry the whole meaning of your story. It is difficult to find the ring that meets all your criteria.


We all like to wear jewelry that looks like no other, that expresses who we are and that translates our emotions. There is only one alternative to wear a unique and personal ring on your finger: the creation of a custom-made ring by an artisanal jewelry workshop. This opportunity is offered to you by the small creative hands of LEGION Paris.


Write your own story through a custom-made and personalized ring


You wish to create an original wedding ring that expresses the love shared with your partner and the history of your couple, an engagement ring rich in meaning in the eyes of your soul mate or a ring to be given as a precious gift carrying values and a strong message.

Each custom ring design project is unique and it is this exclusivity that LEGION Paris jewelers propose to transmit to your ring.


It is by using noble, raw materials with a strong character that we create unique custom rings. Black diamond solitaire, hammered wedding ring in white or black gold, black silver signet ring, red gold feminine ring, each ring creation that comes out of our Parisian workshop is endowed with a real personality, with a particular aura that you will be able to grasp all the originality.


The same goes for the gemstone(s) that will adorn your custom ring. It is always by listening to your inspirations, your expectations and your history, that we are able to offer you gems specifically adapted to your project. White, grey or black diamond, tourmaline, spinel, meteorite, black opal, blue sapphire, red garnet... Each ring is made to measure with the stone that matches your personality or that of the person for whom it is intended.


How do I create my custom ring at LEGION Paris?


It is above all through a process of listening and exchange that we try to appropriate your project of creation of custom-made ring. This is an essential step that we suggest you take directly by coming to meet us in our workshop boutique in Paris, just a stone's throw from Place Vendôme, or by videoconferencing with us.


We will make sure to outline your project, to get an idea of your expectations, to put on paper the sketches of your future jewel, to agree on the shape, the lines, the precious metals and the setting, and then to move on to the handcrafted production.

In a few weeks, you will have the pleasure of wearing a unique designer ring on your finger!