Our advice for choosing an engagement ring

The choice of an engagement ring is a crucial step in the life of a couple. It is a strong gesture that symbolizes love, commitment and the beginning of a new life together.


However, for a man planning to propose, choosing the perfect ring can be a real headache with the fear of not pleasing or correctly targeting the expectations or style of the loved one to whom to declare his undying love.


L'atelier LEGION Paris gives you expert advice on how to choose the right engagement ring:


  1. Know your partner's preferences


The first step in choosing the perfect engagement ring is to know your partner's taste. If you're not sure what style of ring your other half will like, don't hesitate to look at the jewelry she usually wears or discuss it with her close friends. You can also take advantage of a shopping trip to spot her preferences by exploring her jewelry box.

However, keep in mind that an engagement ring should express the love you share and carry the full meaning of your attachment as well as the symbolism of the proposal.


  1. Determine your budget


It is imperative to set a budget for your engagement ring. Although the most important thing is to choose a ring that symbolizes your love and not its price, the price will determine what type of materials, what gemstone, the labor required if you use a designer or the characteristics of your engagement jewelry.


  1. Choose your gemstone


In addition to the diamond that reflects a traditional proposal and adorns many solitaires, there are many other gemstones to consider for an engagement ring.


Sapphires, rubies and spinels are popular choices, so if you want to be original, you can opt for more confidential gems that are just as vibrant, such as tourmaline, tanzanite, black opal, or red garnet.

Each stone has its own characteristics and may be more suited to certain styles or preferences.


If you are attached to the symbolism of the diamond but want to surprise and give a deep meaning to your engagement ring, choose the mysterious black, gray or champagne diamond.


  1. Select the precious metal of the frame


The composition of your engagement ring's setting is also an essential consideration. Yellow gold, white gold, red gold and silver are metals that add a very committed personal touch. Each has its pros and cons, such as durability, cost and appearance. It is crucial to choose a metal that will suit your partner and last over time.


  1. Choose the style of the ring


There are a multitude of engagement ring styles, including:


Solitaire: A classic and timeless style, composed of a single central stone highlighted by a precious metal that contrasts with the brilliance of the stone.

Halo: The center stone is surrounded by small diamonds that accentuate its brilliance.

Trilogy : Three stones symbolizing the past, present and future of your relationship.

Pavé: The frame is studded with small diamonds, creating a sparkling effect.

Vintage: Rings inspired by different eras, offering a unique and elegant charm.

Raw : The ring shows the signs of the craftsmanship of the designer and the natural expression of the precious metal and/or gem


You have all the cards in hand to choose your engagement ring , but if you are still hesitating and want to bring to life the very precise idea you have of this very important jewel, theLEGION Paris workshop and its jewelry designers are at your disposal.