The Heroines collection

HEROÏNES, the new exclusive collection from LEGION Paris


From the passionate love of Sapho, the mysterious and inspiring poet, to Atala, Chateaubriand's young Indian woman, to Antigone, a symbol of resistance taken up by numerous literary accounts throughout the ages, it is by taking inspiration from these different visions of tumultuous love that we have brought to life our new collection of jewelry for men and women.


Each of the pieces created for this collection bears the name of one of the great romantic heroines cited by the greatest literary works of the 19th century. As a wink to the influence that this period of enlightenment had on artists of all kinds, of which we are part.


LEGION Paris invites you to discover unique pieces that mark the strength of a personality, a relationship or a story. White, red and silver gold creations in which rare precious stones such as diamonds, Tanzanite, meteorite, Australian sapphires and Tahitian black pearls are mixed together.


Discover which designer jewelry represents you


The Emma ring, which was inspired by the ingenue Emma Bovary. In white gold we have declined this range of rings in mauve grey, violet pink or indigo grey spinel, to answer your different aspirations and feelings when you will slip it on your finger.


Sapho, who transcribes all the complexity of her personality through a necklace, a bracelet or a pair of earrings in black silver and Tahitian pearls. Or Ophelia, the heroine of the famous playwright William Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet, whose essence we suggest you rediscover in a white gold ring set with a Tanzanite stone and old-cut white diamonds.


No matter which piece of jewelry you choose, it will always be a unique piece of jewelry on your wrist, your neck or your finger. This HEROÏNES collection is the image of LEGION Paris, created by the hands of our jewelers. Each piece bears the hallmark of craftsmanship, with each stroke of the mallet, each chisel, each file, marking the rings, signet rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a different way.


Exclusive, raw and sensual jewels that are resolutely different


The handcrafted nature of our jewelry allows you to acquire pieces that are unique by nature. The HEROÏNES collection is no exception to the rule that LEGION Paris jewelry is created uniquely and never in a series to meet the desire for exclusivity and uniqueness when you choose to wear it.


As mysterious as the heroines who inspired it, this new collection offers you new surprises, atypical combinations of stones and precious metals and always the same feeling of offering you a jewel rich in meaning, which, in contact with your skin, asserts its personality.

Indulge in the experience of an inspired and inspiring piece of jewelry from the hands of the designers of the LEGION Paris jewelry studio.