The sacred heart in red gold, the unique gift idea for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is approaching and you want to mark this special event by offering a piece of jewelry that is original and unique, a change from the traditional women's jewelry!

Giving a piece of jewelry and making sure that it pleases the person you are giving it to requires knowing their tastes and preferences, but also taking into consideration their style, personality, skin tone or hair color.

But Valentine's Day is a very special occasion. It is about offering a meaningful gift that is the witness of the love you have for your partner. So forget the conventional pair of earrings or a bangle and choose the unique by choosing to entrust the manufacture of a handcrafted jewel to the expert hands of the jewelers of LEGION Paris.

For men looking for a unique gift for Valentine's Day, we offer a very limited and exclusive series of only three pieces of our Sacred Heart pendant in hand hammered red gold.

What makes our Sacred Heart necklace unique?

Like every piece of jewelry that leaves our LEGION Paris boutique workshop, our Sacred Heart in Red Gold creation is the result of precise and meticulous craftsmanship that leaves room for our jewelers' inspiration. Your Sacred Heart pendant in red gold has the marks of hammering as a unique signature that makes all the beauty and exclusivity of this unusual jewel.

What more beautiful message of love than to offer your beloved a personalized piece of jewelry that she is sure to see worn around no other woman's neck? Not to mention the preciousness of a pendant that comes from the hands of renowned jewelers in a workshop located near the Place Vendôme. It is the guarantee to please and to move through an elegant, unique and resolutely original Valentine's Day gift .

In addition to the line and the shapes that we give to the design of our Sacred Heart necklace, the quality of the red gold 750 thousandths that we use, the red gold chain and the dimensions of our designer jewelry, it is also the availability of only a few pieces that adds to the exclusive character of the jewel you offer.

Why choose a red gold jewel for Valentine's Day?

Pure gold is an extremely malleable precious metal that needs to be mixed with other metals to make it firmer and suitable for creating timeless and durable jewelry. Among the various possible alloys, some produce white gold, black gold, rose gold or white gold. Red gold is produced by adding copper and silver to pure gold.

It is the subtle mixture between these different metals that brings this powerful orange-red color to our Sacred Heart pendant and its chain.

The choice of this alloy to create a red gold necklace for Valentine's Day was an obvious choice for our jewelers. A true symbol of love, desire and passion, red, combined with our Sacred Heart pendant, transforms the jewel into a work of art in its own right.

If you are looking for a gift that carries the message of your love as soon as the eyes land on it and the art craftsmanship speaks to you, then you will forget about the traditional bracelets, watches, earrings, jewelry and accessories similar to those you give every year.

 LEGION Paris, exceptional jewelry for all occasions!

Valentine's Day is not the only time to prove your love to the one you cherish. Birthday gift, Mother's Day present or simple pleasure of giving, it's all year long that you can celebrate your attachment to your partner or to your loved ones.

To help you find the perfect gift, the LEGION Paris jewelry collection invites you to choose from a wide range of exclusive necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, wedding bands and engagement rings. Handcrafted creations for men and women that highlight the expertise of our master jewelers as well as precious metals such as red, black or white gold, sterling silver and platinum, and carefully selected precious and semi-precious stones.

White and black diamonds, opal, sapphire, spinel, tourmaline, amethyst, moonstone, onyx, all gems that bring a rare elegance to our designer jewelry and allow you to offer exceptional gifts, whatever the circumstances.

Whether you choose one of the limited edition pieces of our Sacred Heart in red gold or want to create an exclusive custom piece of jewelry, theLEGION Paris workshop is here to advise and guide you in the creation of a fully personalized piece of jewelry that will make the unique gift you wish to offer.