"The vision between us", a collaboration with Jaye Jayle

"THE VISION BETWEEN US" is the name of the bracelet resulting from our collaboration with the multi-faceted American artist Jaye Jayle

For those who don't know him yet, Evan Patterson is the leader of the excellent American noise rock band Young Widows, but on his own the artist adopts the pseudonym Jaye Jayle in order to explore a different sound palette. We recommend his latest album Prisyn; a demanding and uncompromising record evoking the universe of Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan and Trent Reznor. She is also a gentle and extremely inspiring person.

Together we have created a unisex bracelet in hammered 925 silver with a precision engraving of Jaye Jayle's original design.
This jewel is handmade in our workshop in Paris, it is always made to your measurements especially for you, to order.

Discover below the manufacturing process of this unique bracelet.

"THE VISION BETWEEN US" is a timeless creation, a jewel easy to wear on any occasion, a skin bracelet, which we can engrave with your words or symbols if you wish. This jewel is a witness of an era, a moment, whether it is a good luck charm or the celebration of an event, it will be engraved in time and eternity transmitting your memories from generation to generation.

Jaye Jayle talks about her design: "This design is an expression of a unified vision, a vision shared between not just two people but many people. It can be love, disgust or hope. You can see eyes and lines coming from the eyes and crossing each other to link all the visions together into one shared vision. I take comfort in the idea that we can sometimes think alike even if we don't have to, or if we haven't chosen to. We can always share a vision, naturally."

Discover "THE VISION BETWEEN US" below: