What are the particularities of our range of wedding rings?

If you're looking for an original wedding band that stands out from the crowd, LEGION Paris hammered wedding bands are a perfect choice.


With their unique texture and rustic appearance, our collections of wedding rings are both elegant and timeless. Unlike smooth, shiny wedding rings, our hammered wedding rings feature a texture that uniquely captures the light, creating subtle nuances that enhance the jewelry and the beauty of the hand that wears it.


In addition, each LEGION Paris hammered wedding ring is unique, as the hammering process is done by hand, making each piece different, exclusive and precious.


If you're looking for wedding bands that reflect your personality and taste for originality,LEGION Paris offers a range of hammered wedding bands to make the best choice and celebrate your love with boldness and meaning.


The power of nature and the transcription of the elements


A wedding ring made in theLEGION Paris workshop-boutique is above all a unique piece that reflects the creative sensibility and inspiration of our jewelry artisans.


It is by drawing on the power of certain natural materials that we sublimate the precious metal. The raw side of the material has been present for thousands of years, our craftsmen only shape the ring's frame to reveal its full essence.

Thanks to our small hands and our know-how, we let express all the richness of white gold, the mystery of black gold, the brightness of red gold or the purity of silver.


Wedding rings are the symbols of the union of two beings who love each other, the right expression of a love that you wish to last forever. Through our wedding ring creations and the precious metals we work with, it is this eternity that we wish to transcribe so that your rings translate exactly the personality of your couple and the attachment you have for each other.


The unique trace of the craftsman's know-how, tools and work


All of our wedding rings are made in a traditional and artisanal way entirely by the hands of our jewelers in our Parisian workshop. Each blow of the hammer, each passage of the file and each gesture that we practise on your wedding ring engraves it forever an aspect which is unique to it.


It is our tools, our creativity, the expression of the metal that is shaped and the sensitivity of the moment that allow us to give life to exceptional, original and unique jewelry. You have no chance of finding the same ring on the fingers of other couples, there will always be a trace or a point of hammering which will betray the difference of your jewel.


The LEGION Paris line of hammered wedding rings represents unique and singular creations that stand out from traditional wedding rings with their handcrafted look and deliberate imperfections.

These wedding rings are crafted by talented jewelers who, using a hammer and special tools, create irregularities and reliefs on the surface of the ring, giving it an authentic and distinct character.


The inimitable reflections, resulting from the play of light with the bumps and valleys of the metal, bring this wedding band to life. Personalization is at the heart of the LEGION Paris hammered wedding band design, as no two impressions are alike, telling the unique story of each couple.


By choosing a LEGION Paris hammered wedding band, you celebrate the individuality and beauty of imperfections that forge the unbreakable love between two people. These pieces of jewelry symbolize the uniqueness and harmony of the precious bond between you and your loved one, infusing a romantic and timeless dimension.