The BASALTE collection by LEGION Paris: A journey to the heart of Iceland

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, fascinates visitors with its vast wilderness, bubbling geysers, northern lights and, of course, volcanoes.

The new BASALTE collection collection from our LEGION Paris atelier of craftsmen and designers is an invitation to plunge into this magical universe, directly evoking the geological essence and untamed character of Iceland.

Far more than mere ornaments, these jewels tell the story of Iceland, its legends, its people and its distinctive landscapes, and are also the expression of excellence in the world of jewelry-making. 

Jewelry sculpted in the image of nature

 Nature is an artist. Her works are unique, inimitable. Yet the artisans at LEGION Paris have risen to the challenge of capturing its raw, untamed beauty.

They drew their inspiration from cooled lava, sculpted by the elements over the centuries, to create jewelry pieces with organic shapes and stunning textures.

You can almost hear the whisper of the Icelandic wind or feel the warmth of the hot springs as you contemplate these jewels. The workshop's exceptional craftsmanship is highlighted in these creations, where every detail counts to fashion unique, personal jewelry.

Exclusive creations for everyone 

The strength of the BASALTE collection also lies in its diversity. It appeals to a diverse clientele with a wide range of pieces. Men are not left out, with jewelry that is both powerful and refined, such as the massive rings embellished with captivating blue topazes or the timelessly stylish gourmette chain bracelets.

For women, silver necklaces are the perfect setting for Australian opals, with their mysterious, changing reflections. And for those about to say "I do", LEGION Paris' BASALTE range offers white gold engagement rings, adorned with stones as precious as they are symbolic: tourmaline, spinel or sapphire.

And let's not forget the daring collection of men's wedding rings in "black platinum", a true signature of the House. And black gold, LEGION Paris' preferred material, which lends each jewel a mysterious aura, enhanced by the presence of black diamonds.

Cocktail rings are the ideal accessory for adding a touch of sparkle to any outfit. Set with aquamarines or opalescent sapphires, they catch the light and reflect Iceland's full palette of colors.

BASALTE: more than a collection, an invitation

The BASALTE collection is an ode to Iceland and nature. Choosing to wear LEGION Paris jewelry is a declaration of love to this faraway land, its untamed elements, its breathtaking beauty, as much as to the creativity and craftsmanship of inspired jewelers.

It's also a way of asserting one's personality, standing out from the crowd, and showing one's attachment to values such as respect for nature, quality craftsmanship and originality.

With BASALTE, every occasion and every celebration is a new adventure, a new story to tell. It's an invitation to travel, a daily escape, a deep connection with the very essence of life.

 Innovation and tradition: the cornerstones of LEGION Paris

When you think of LEGION Paris, two words immediately spring to mind: innovation and tradition. These two seemingly opposing pillars are, in fact, the common threads that run through each of the atelier's collections. With BASALTE, this duality reaches its apogee.

Tradition, first and foremost, is reflected in our respect for ancestral jewelry-making techniques. Each piece of jewelry is the fruit of meticulous work and know-how acquired through experience and numerous creations. Quality is beyond reproach, and attention to detail is omnipresent.

To wear a LEGION Paris jewel is to wear a piece of history, a tribute to the craftsmen who have fashioned these little marvels with passion.

But LEGION Paris is also about innovation. The atelier has no qualms about pushing back boundaries, exploring new territories and combining unexpected materials. Black gold, for example, is a veritable revolution in the world of jewelry. Its dark, almost mystical brilliance is the result of in-depth research and a desire to stand out and surprise.

The BASALTE collection also reflects this quest for innovation. Inspired by Iceland, LEGION Paris didn't just reproduce landscapes and textures. The studio has captured the soul of the island, its essence, its emotions.

Each stone, whether blue topaz, Australian opal or opalescent sapphire, tells a story, evokes a feeling. The organic shapes, varied textures, subtle nuances: everything is designed to amaze and transport the wearer of a ring, bracelet or necklace from the BASALTE collection.

The BASALTE collection is an invitation to rediscover the art of jewelry, to marvel at the beauty of the world, the beauty of Iceland, to celebrate the perfect alliance between the modernity of LEGION Paris jewelry and the brutality of nature.