Minos is a handmade necklace for men. It consists of an oversized Venetian chain in 925/100 silver, finished with 2 snake heads (one in 750/1000 red gold and the other in 925/1000 silver ). The snakes hold in their mouths a silver ring.

Necklace length: 60cm

Traditionally hand crafted in our workshop in Paris, France. This necklace will be custom made, especially for you. Please allow 5 weeks for this manufacturing process.

Please note that each necklace is a unique piece and therefore the necklace you receive will differ significantly from those shown on the site. This uniqueness is intentional and is the essence of Legion Paris' artisanal way of working. It should not be considered as a defect or subject to complaint.

The term " Red Gold " refers to 18 karat (750/1000) red gold. An alloy of gold and copper slightly redder than rose gold. Indeed, red gold has a higher copper content. No surface treatment such as rhodium plating is used, the gold is red in the mass and will remain so.

The term " Black Silver " refers to solid silver with a legal grade of 925/1000 that has been oxidized to a dark gray. The black silver will have a patina, the treatment will fade in places to reveal the natural shine of the untreated silver.

"Often we come to a crossroads where we have to make a decision that will impact the path our lives take from that point forward."

In Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy , written seven centuries ago, myth and reality intertwine in an adventure through hell, purgatory and heaven.

This new collection is inspired by the first part of Dante's work: the circles of Hell. It consists of nine concentric and overlapping circular areas. Each piece of jewelry is inspired by a stage of Dante's journey to the underworld.

At the end of his allegorical journey, Dante hopes to come to a better understanding of himself, his situation and to be at peace with his exile.

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  • Made in France

  • Each piece of jewelry is made to order, each one is different and varies.

All LEGION Paris jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity and bears the following hallmarks:

- Our master hallmark authenticates the piece of jewelry and its origin. Like a signature, it is made compulsory by the French Customs.

- 925" authenticating the legal title of 925/1000 silver for all silver jewelry.

- An eagle's head for all gold jewelry over 3g authenticating the legal title of the gold 750/1000. It is stamped directly by the French Customs control service.

- A Minerva head for all silver jewelry over 30g authenticates the legal title of the 925/1000 silver. It is hallmarked directly by the French Customs control service.

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